Joyous Christmas

We are preparing for another Christmas amidst pandemic with masks, sanitizer, social distance and with vaccines. When we are not ready to observe the precautions and preventive measures, we are to stay at home. There is a kind of panic and fear that grip the world. Instead of waiting for the coming of the Lord, people wait for the next virus (after Corona & Omikron what is next?), disaster, incessant rains, floods, fire, volcanoes, earthquakes, accidents and diseases. These are not restricted to particular continents or countries but they occur all over the world. What will be the name of next virus? How severe will it be? Who will it affect, old, young or children? How many doses of vaccines still and how often? There are numerous questions without definite answers. Our freedom to move is curtailed. When on one side, people are struggling to save their lives from the above calamities, on the other hand, some are unhappy because they are unable to do Christmas shoppings. Of course, they do it by on-line, but having the fun of getting out of homes, meeting friends, playing cranks even until late nights, such things seem to be impossible. When these were a part of Christmas celebration, it was okay. But when these practices have become in itself the celebration of Christmas in recent past years, losing the real meaning and essence of it, perhaps, God is annoyed.

God does not want to dwell in the beautifully decorated Christmas trees or fancy cribs or colorful stars and bells. He wishes to dwell in our hearts. How well do we prepare our hearts for him? Is it clean and pure with noble thoughts and love or is it a stable which is filthy and stinct with our wrong doings? Are we waiting for our bridegroom with beautiful wedding garments and lamps but without oil in it?

Despite the misery and misfortunes in the world, man has not lost his hope or joy of living. Somehow, he fights till the last moment to survive on this earth. Jesus is coming exactly to give us this spark of hope that we may be able to ignite not only the light of our lives but also of others! Have a blessed Christmas!

Sr. Shobha