Oblates / Association of laity

The spiritual and apostolic outburst inspired by Fr. Pierre Paul Blanck to the first sisters, since more than two centuries, rests on “to adore” and “to serve”. As years went on, this spirituality which was cultivated unceasingly in the community, challenged the laity.

In 2006, in St. Trudpert Province, Sisters of Saint Joseph saw coming up the “Association of laity called Maranatha”. It is founded for women and men who are seeking God wholeheartedly. These persons want to serve God according to the charism and spirituality of Sisters of Saint Joseph in their daily life.

In 2006 also, in the French Province, Sisters of Saint Joseph welcomed in Convent Saint-Marc their first “Oblates”. The Chart of Oblates describes their aim:

“In the daily life of our existence, we want to live in conformity with the Gospel, the teachings of the Church and the charism of the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint-Marc. We want to be faithful to the intuitions of their Founder, Fr. Pierre Paul Blanck: to adore Jesus in the Eucharist and to serve the poor of today’s world, in our places where we live or where the Lord calls us.”