My short sojourn in Paucshing Ukraine

On August 16, when I received an E-Mail from Sr. Simone mentioning that I would have an opportunity to visit Ukraine in September, I could not believe it myself. Since 2018, I attempted a couple of times to visit Ukraine but to obtain a VISA seemed to be very difficult. So when I almost lost my hope of visiting Ukraine ever in my life, there came a pleasant surprise, giving me hope once again. True indeed! It was very difficult to obtain a VISA to Ukraine. But by the tireless effort and unfailing hope of Sr. Ligy and my incessant prayers, I got my E-VISA to Ukraine on 16th September at 5.45 pm. What a joy!



Sr. Sheeba Thomas, the French Provincial Superior and I left Colmar on 20. September and took flight from Basel to Budapest. We landed at Budapest (Hungary) at 3.30 pm. Sr. Anne Marie was at the airport to receive us. Sr. Ligy, Sr. Laura and Sr. Christina landed at Budapest on the same day at 9.30 pm after two weeks of conducting retreats in Spain. We stayed that night in Budapest in a parish house. On 21st after Holy Mass and making a short city strolling in Budapest, we went to Paucshing by car. We reached there at 6.30 pm and received a floral, cheerful and hearty welcome by our sisters.


In 4 acres of land in Paucshing, our sisters have a residence for them, a home for the aged, a chapel for the people where Adoration and the Evangelization is done, a field with vegetables and fruits and also with some rabbits, ducks and turkeys. There are about 17 old women in the home for the aged. Our sisters, novices and candidates care these old and sick besides doing the household works such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing the clothes etc. There is no one else to assist them, but they do it all by themselves. It is wonderful to see our young, dynamic and multi-talented sisters doing everything without seeking for any popularity or admiration. Their religious commitment and cheerful service evangelize more than preaching!



From Mondays – Fridays, from 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm, about 300 – 400 people come with various intentions of prayers from far and wide. In front of the Blessed Sacrament Sr. Ligy prays over them one at a time, just for a minute or two. They spend rest of the time in adoration, singing and praising the Holy name of God. They have a tremendous trust and profound faith in the mercy of God and they give testimony for the favors they receive from God. I stood in awe and mused what could be the reason that the people flock to come there for just to receive a touch of blessing. I believe that the people who come there are like the woman who suffered with hemorrhage for many years and just by touching the cloak of Jesus was healed. Here, Sr. Ligy plays the role of the cloak of Jesus through whom the power of Jesus is transmitted to the people. This is my belief! 



The presence of SJSM is so effective that there are priests as oblates besides other laity who love to live our Charism. So I am sure that our Charism will be lived and the Spirit of our founder will flourish for eternity! With this satisfaction and joy we took our flight back to Basel on October 4, 2021.


Sr. Shobha